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How Women Do Exercise At The Time Of Menstrual Cycle And Period Cramps?

Exercise During Period

There are days when you power up the HIIT workout with ease and then there are those days when you do not want to move from your bed. By knowing your menstrual cycle, you will stop seeing the period as the additional burden and able take advantage of such physical and emotional benefits of all the menstrual cycle phases in between.

What Do You Understand By Menstrual Cycle?

We all know that progesterone and estrogen are considered as the two main hormones in this menstrual cycle. The cycle starts from the first day of the period and ends on last day before the next period date which lasts in between 25-35 days. During the first half of the cycle, estrogen causes the lining of uterus to grow and the levels of estrogen in the blood remain highest. In the second half of the stage, the progesterone plays a vital role. This hormone will prepare the uterus to implant the fertilized egg. If the egg does not fertilize, the period starts again.

What Happens In The Body At The Time Of PMS?

Menstruation is tied with different hormonal cycles. In this phase, the hormone level drops before the onset of menstruation. This will cause women to have different disruptive symptoms and can affect the workout and fitness routines in them. It is called as the premenstrual syndrome or PMS.

Some of the symptoms and signs are-

  • Breast sensitivity
  • Water retention in the body
  • Change in the behavior
  • Headache
  • Digestive issues
  • Bones and joint pain

How to Work out During PMS?

Doing exercise during the period is really possible. If you are experiencing painful periods, it is better to reduce the intake of sugar, cut down intake of caffeine and also make sure that you drink lots of water. It is better to avoid fatty processed food at this time and it will help in increasing water retention. You can run and train your body and it is totally possible during menstruation. You can practice yoga and other simple exercises that will keep you fit for long. You can also join the cardio classes in Brampton to have a good class of women centric exercise.

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