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What Are The Best Yoga Poses For Period Cramps And Pain?

Women often go through period cramp and pain and which can leave you desperate for finding out the right solution. Doing something special like the yoga is the last thing that you can do. However, there are some yoga poses and positions that are so effective and help you to control and reduce the menstrual pain that once you attempt, you will surely get relief from the same.

Using yoga for menstrual cramps is one of the most effective ways for reducing pain. First, you need to think about the areas in the body that experience pain from cramping like belly, pelvis, and hips and also lower back.

These areas can be targeted for pain reduction through some yoga poses. Emotional symptoms of PMS and menstruation can also be reduced by the yoga poses and also helps in treating period pain. There are so many yoga poses that will help you in reducing cramps and pain and also will make you feel good and comfortable for long. You can join the yoga classes near Mississauga where you will meet with new people who will practice with you with yoga poses.

Yoga Poses for Period Cramps


Child’s pose is one of the main yoga poses that helps in reducing the period cramps or who are new to the yoga practice. This pose targets the menstrual pain that mainly affects the back. Fold forward and then you extend your arms and bend down as far you can comfortably go. If possible, you can lean forehead on mat in front for have five slow breaths rather than breathing from the chest.



It is another important pose that you can adopt for dealing with menstrual pain and cramps. Start with the cow pose and then put the hands and knees to check your hands are perfectly aligned under the shoulders. The knees should be aligned under the hips. Now, stretch the head in the upward position and raise the tailbone towards the sky and drop the belly towards the ground.

Cat cow yoga pose


The lower back and lower belly with provide both the benefits from reclining twist position. First, you need to lie on the back, bend the knee and then lower the right side.


These are some of the yoga poses that you can try to reduce period cramps and pain. If you are looking for the Women’s Only Gym in Mississauga, visiting Fuzion Fitness is the best decision to make.