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Juice and Coffee Bar in Brampton Gym

Yes, you read it right! Have you ever heard of a juice and coffee bar in a gym? How is the idea? Getting boosted up with an energy drink before your rigorous workout session or grabbing a diet snack post-workout? Yes, in our gym you will get a Juice and Coffee Bar Brampton. This is a perk for the members of our gym. They can get to the bar anytime before or after their gym session. This bar has the best quality juices and shakes which are healthy, fresh and does not impart calories. Food and drinks of this bar are made keeping in mind the gym freaks and the people suffering from obesity. Try this newly opened bar by enrolling yourself as a member of our gym.

What is Available in the Juice and Coffee Bar?

In this bar, you will get all the shakes, juices, beverages, protein bars and diet snacks you would like to munch on before or after your workout session. Not something very heavy but things that satisfy your hunger and give you energy without adding extra calories. We have different healthy shakes, protein bars, water bottles, Gatorade drinks, energy drinks and many more. These snacks will keep you full for a long time restricting your cravings for high-calorie unhealthy food.

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This is one of the newest ideas in town. Why will you miss out on being a part of this great opportunity? Our gym is already known for its best sessions and its promising results and if you get an add on from our gym. Why will you miss out and not be a member of this great family?

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Your fitness is our priority, and we make it our mission to help members succeed. When you enter our Brampton gym, you’ve found a fitness home where we value your health and wellness — and we offer programs for every member of the family!

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Fuzion Fitness Brampton features 60+ group exercise classes held in 3 distinct fitness studios, rows of cardio and strength equipment. With personal training, Styku 3D body scanning, functional training, and more, our team will take your fitness to the next level.

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We don’t want to forget our amazing amenities! Our gym features a private ladies only area, clean and comfortable change rooms, onsite childcare, and a juice bar too.

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