Functional Training

Strengthen your core with functional training at Brampton gym

Sometimes we just need a little something different to keep us motivated in the gym. Some people go for a run outside, others simply try a new group class. But if you still feel the need to refresh your routine, we invite you to try functional training. Here, you can work out using TRX straps, monkey bars, battle ropes, kettlebells, stability balls, and more. At our gym in Brampton, we promise you won’t get bored!

A great addition to any fitness routine, functional training helps strengthen your core, improve balance and flexibility, and primes your muscles and joints to work as a unit of strength. For daily activities that may cause fatigue or strain, actions like pulling, lifting, and carrying, functional training readies muscles to perform at their max.

Stop by our Brampton gym today and check out the amazing equipment featured in our functional training area.