Our Cambridge gym with training offers more options!

At our health club in Cambridge, we offer various training programs to ensure you meet your goals. Whether you want to lose weight, achieve fitness, tone your muscles, or recover from an injury, we have the training solutions for you to find success.

Everyone has a different way to train, and we try to offer something that appeals to every member. You can choose from the one-on-one coaching of personal training to keep you accountable and motivated. Our personal trainers will work side-by-side with you to ensure you keep proper form while working on specific and targeted goals. Or you can try small group training and workout with others in a limited class size. You’ll still get focused attention from your trainer, but you’ll have others in your class to help you stay on track.

Our Cambridge gym also includes functional training, allowing you to step outside of the traditional cardio and strength programs with more fun and original options to improve core strength. You’ll improve your core strength to ensure the optimal use of your muscles during daily tasks that may cause injury and muscle fatigue, activities like lifting, pulling, reaching, and carrying.

Come in today see why our community considers Fuzion Fitness as the best gym in Cambridge for training!