Fuzion Fitness Golf Simulator and Performance Centre

Not going south for the winter! No problem! We have brought the golf course to you. Welcome to Fuzion Fitness Golf Simulator and Performance Centre. This one of a kind experience offers you the ability to not only improve your golf skills but also strengthen your body to improve your overall game. Our In-home Golf Simulator presented by Uneekor offers the ability to practise on the driving range, putting green and allows you to play thousands of courses from around the world.

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*Indoor Shoes Required

Driving Range

Choose one of the three modes, Driving, Approach, and Putting. Work on real shots from 150 yards & in to simulate on course shots and pin locations. Or start each round with your feel and touch in tune with course conditions from pre-round putting warm-ups!

Shot Analysis

Track your progress with the analytics made available to you after each stroke. Ball speed, club head speed, club path, ball spin rate, face angle, back spin, side spin and launch angle. Our software also provides a one of a kind slow motion video of your club head going through the ball at impact.

The Courses

Come experience some the worlds best courses like Pebble Beach, TPC Sawgrass, PGA National, St. Andrews and many more. Our software allows you to stand on the tee blocks at notable courses worldwide and thousands more. Book today to take in all the glory the PGA professionals have playing these world renowned golf courses.


Golf and fitness are rapidly becoming intertwined. Professionals have now added strength and conditioning coaches along side their swing coach to ensure they are performing at the highest possible level. The mechanics of a golf swing cannot be taught in a gym. However, the muscle, strength and stability needed to increase the overall power of your swing is where we come in. We start with a comprehensive consultation and evaluation which allows our Elite trainers to design comprehensive, individualized training programs tailored to your needs. These 1-on-1 workouts will focus on strength, mobility, stability, kinematic sequence, core strength and rotational power. Want to elevate your game to a whole new level? This is the program for you.

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